Scrabble resources - CZ & EN

Dictionaries for GoldenDict

This pack includes Czech nouns list, Czech BLEX Klasik list and English SOWPODS list.

The files are in the DSL format, readable for example by GoldenDict.

You can download:

Individual dictionaries:

You need to extract both files (dictionary and icon) from archive to a directory set as source of dictionaries in your GoldenDictionary settings. This is already done in the Portable version above.

Dictionaries are created in DSL format, reference can be found at the ABBYY Lingvo documentation.

Excel score sheet

I also tried to find some nice tracking Excel sheet that counts the score of all players, the most fitting for me is Scrabble-Score-Tracker-20130126.xlsx [0.02 MB]. It's from Favourite Excel File Templates at The Clarke Family's website. I might slightly edit it in the future and drop the statistics, but don't count on it :)


I didn't find any specific licenses for any of these resources, they are all freely accessible as of Oct 5, 2014.


All files downloadable here can be listed in the local /files/ folder.

Enjoy! Hope it helps :)

Dictionaries created from above credited sources & info gathered by Lukáš Halda on 5 Oct 2014.